June 21 – US Energy Information Administration has ranked China as the largest source of technically recoverable shale gas resources, with 1,115 trillion cubic feet or 32 trillion cubic meters in reserves. It has also introduced China as third-ranked for technically recoverable shale oil, with 32 billion barrels. However, shale gas is not expected to be a mainstream contributor to China's gas supply in the next five years as shale development is at a very early stage with less than 100 wells having been drilled in the country.
Source: UBS Hong Kong/China Daily Comment

June 18 – 5GW of utility-scale projects have been approved and will be completed by 2013 in China, according to an analysis of around 100 projects and a cross-check with companies by HSBC. The bank expects 3.6GW of installations by 30 June 2013 from the Golden Sun program, and increases China's annual installation target to 10GW in light of recent supportive policies.
Source: HSBC China Solar

June 16 – China's recently introduced measures against air pollution, the strictest in history, will lead to a reduction in coal consumption growth, faster growth of natural gas, solar, wind and nuclear energy, faster adoption of clean technologies, faster growth of public transportation and faster crackdown on inefficient capacities in the steel, cement, aluminum and glass sectors.
Source: Deutsche Bank Beginning of the "Big Bang" Anti-Air Pollution Program

June 14 – Industry electricity consumption rose 4.7% from a year earlier in May; the rate was almost three percentage points slower than a month ago. Industry is responsible for 75% of total electricity consumption in China, which rose just over 5% to 426.9 billion kilowatt hours in May.
Source: National Energy Administration

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