September 29 – Output from China's generic drug making industry is expected to hit 500 billion yuan by 2015, reported. Currently 95% of the medicines made in China are generic drugs.

September 16 – Bayer said Chinese authorities visited one of its offices in China for an investigation into possible price fixing. The German pharmaceutical company said it was cooperating, without revealing details. Bayer employs 11,000 people in China. The Chinese government has investigated multiple Chinese and foreign drug makers for price fixing and bribery, which is rampant in China as medical doctors are underpaid in the country.

September 12 – China's annual healthcare spending and the private health insurance market will expand to 5.3 trillion yuan and 515 billion yuan respectively by 2020, JPMorgan predicted in its China/Hong Kong Daily Views report. An increase in government insurance subsidies for rural residents and high death rate from heart disease, cancer and stroke were cited for the rises.

September 11 – The central government's expenditure on healthcare rose 16.5% year on year to 492.2 billion yuan in the first 8 months of 2013, according to the Ministry of Finance.

September 10 – Consumer spending on drugs rose 14.5% year on year to 47.1 billion yuan in August, according to the Ministry of Finance. Between January and August, spending on drugs rose 15.7% to 369.3 billion yuan.


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