China's commerce ministry almost doubled its rare earth export quotas to 15,738 tons for the second half from a year ago. Given the first quota of this year declined 35% to 14,446 tons, the limit adds up to 30,184 tons for 2011, slightly down from 30,258 tons in 2010. China produced 118,900 tons of rare earth minerals last year.

Electricity consumption in China rose 12.2% year on year to 2,251.5 billion kW hours in 1H 2011, said the National Energy Administration. Power use by the primary industry was up 5.9% to 47.5 billion kW hours; power use by the secondary industry was up 11.9% to 1,696.1 billion kW hours; power use by the tertiary industry was up 15.3% to 238.4 billion kW hours; power use by civilians was up 12.5% to 269.6 billion kW hours. New generation capacity installed between January and June totaled 34.78 million kW, including 23.31 million kW of coal-fired capacity and 6.24 million kW of hydropower capacity.

Foreign direct investment in China rose 18.4% to $60.89 billion in 1H 2011 from the same period a year ago, said the Ministry of Commerce. The US's investment in China dipped 22.3% year on year to $1.68 billion over the past six months. In June alone, FDI was up 2.8% year on year to $12.86 billion.

Premium income increased 13% to ¥805.66 billion in 1H 2011 from 1H 2010, said Wu Dingfu, director of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. Chinese insurers' investment yield averaged 2.1% over the past six months.

China had 369 million users of mobile Internet services by the end of June 2011, up 72.3% from a year ago, according to Analysys International.

China is expected to produce 60.5% of the world's solar cells in 2011, including 13,018.4MW by the mainland and 3,448.5MW by Taiwan, according to Photon International.

The Chinese government will earmark ¥2.5 billion this year to subsidize major pig farms to check pork price that had surged to ¥26.1/kg by the end of last week.

The output of China's forestry industry expanded 8.5% year on year to ¥800 billion in 1H 2011, said the National Forestry Bureau. The nation forestry products exports were up 30.4% year on year to $47.5 billion over the past six months.

Jiangsu province's bilateral trade grew 20% year on year to $257.39 billion in 1H 2011, accounting for 15.1% of China's total, according to Nanjing Customs. Its trade surplus expanded 23.8% to $37.59 billion. Bilateral trade by the private sector jumped 39% to $50.72 billion over the six-month period.

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