October 25 – China's electricity generation sector was responsible for 55.1% of total coal consumption, 42.5% of total SO2 emissions and 50% of total CO2 emissions in 2010, according to a national meeting on energy saving.

October 19 – China's electricity consumption rose 12.2% year on year to 391.5 billion kW hours in September and rose 12% year on year to 3.52 trillion kW hours in the first nine months, the National Energy Administration said. Secondary industries were responsible for 75% of total power consumption in the first nine months.

October 19 – China's wind-power electricity generation capacity increased 18,928MW to 44,733MW in 2010, ranking first worldwide, according to an international wind power meeting.

October 11 – China will introduce a value-based tax on oil and natural gas nationwide in November to help save energy and develop the resource-rich hinterlands. Oil and natural gas will be taxed 5% to 10% of sales revenue starting next month. Existing taxes are ¥8 to ¥30 per ton for oil and ¥2 to ¥15 per 1,000m3 for natural gas.

October 11 – China's output of coalbed methane is expected to more than double to between 21.5 billion and 23.5 billion m3 over the five years through 2015 from the previous five years, according to Sun Maoyua, an expert with the National Energy Administration.

October 9 – China has cut government-set fuel prices for the first time in 16 months. The National Development and Reform Commission cut the retail price for gasoline and diesel by ¥300 per ton, or ¥0.22 and ¥0.26 respectively per liter. The price had been marked up four times over the past 16 months.

September 29 – China's solar power-generated electricity capacity is expected to increase 25 to 50 times, to between 50GW and 100GW, by 2020 predicted Li Junfeng, deputy head of the energy research institute of the National Development and Reform Commission. Li was echoed by Suntech Power (NYSE: STP) CEO Li Zhengrong who forecasted China'ssolar power-generated electricity capacity to hit 10GW by 2015, well ahead of the US's 5GW to 6GW.

September 28 – The chemicals, building materials, steel making and metallurgical industries were responsible for 32.6% of China's aggregate power consumption in the first eight months, according to the National Energy Administration.

September 28 – China has installed 37.92 million kW of wind power capacity for electricity generation and 446,000 kW of solar power capacity for electricity generation, said State Grid Corp president Liu Zhenya.

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