Male accounts for 51% of Chinese mobile video viewers on iOS devices, while the percentage is much higher at 65% on Android-backed devices, Deutsche Bank says in its latest China TMT Daily report, citing a report jointly released by video hosting site and Umeng, a Chinese data tracking app.

Users aged 25 to 30 represent 27% of total mobile video viewers, followed by the age groups 18 to 24 (24%) and 31 to 35 (17%).

The report suggests that most mobile video viewers are well-educated, with 90% of them holding a college degree or above.

Over 60% mobile video viewers earn ¥4,000 ($653) a month or more. Roughly half of total mobile video viewers spend ¥2,000 a month or more.

Not surprisingly, nearly 60% of mobile video viewers live in the developed regions of China. They watch an average of 50 minutes of videos every day on both iPhone and Android phones, which is the typical length of a TV drama episode. Video views are heavier on tablets, with average daily time spent surpassing 80 minutes.

While the data show that TV dramas and movies are generally equally consumed on smartphones and tablets, entertainment and sports programs are more often watched on smartphones.

Another interesting finding is that the peak video views take place at 22:30 on mobile devices, much later than the 20:00 on personal computers. Deutsche Bank attributes the phenomenon to the cross-screen video watching habits, with users continuing to watch videos via mobile devices in bed.

The report suggests that 53.5% of video sharing is posted to microblogs, compared with 64.1% a year ago. Meanwhile, video sharing on WeChat accounted for 33.7% of total sharing, almost having doubled from last year's 17.8%.

Some ad experiments carried out by revealed that 74% of interviewed consumers who watched ads on an iPad can recall the name of the brand, while the percentage is 72% on personal computers and 65% on TVs.

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