Who will be China's future Internet giant? Will it be Baidu, Alibaba, Shanda, or some company that has yet to become a household name?   After
the dot-com bust five years ago, China's Internet sector was in
disarray, and there was not much optimism among the fallen elite.
Today, companies are flush with cash, attractive to investors, and are
pursuing expansion and acquisition. Baidu is worth more than Shanda and
Sina, even after their long-delayed merger is completed. And Alibaba
just revealed that it has joined up with Yahoo.   Beijing Morning Post quotes Internet analyst Lu Weigang: "China's
Internet business is well-grounded domestically - it has its own
characteristics and focus, with a unique creativity and the capacity to
determine its own future...the Internet has infiltrated the traditional
economy and plays a role in life and society that cannot be ignored."   Domestic Internet businesses may have a good foundation in China, but that doesn't mean that their future is assured. The Beijing News
quotes Cheng Tianyu, noted IT commentator and manager of the IT section
of DoNews, who wrote on his blog: "The most attractive thing about the
Internet is that you never know what's going to happen the next second.
Starting with Shanda's acquisition

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