Power Usage Speeds Up
China's electricity consumption grew 6.8% year on year to 416.5 billion kW hours in April; the growth rate was 4.8 percentage points faster than in the previous month, the National Energy Administration said. Between January and April, electricity consumption was up 4.9% to 1.63 trillion kW hours, including 27 billion kW hours by the primary sector (up 1.5%), 1.18 trillion kW hours by the secondary sector (up 4.7%), 198.5 billion kW hours by the tertiary sector (up 9.1%) and 222.5 billion kW hours by civilians (up 2.4%). A total of 18.72 million kW of new power generation capacity were installed during the four months, including 11 million kW of coal-fired capacity and 3.79 million kW of hydropower capacity.

Top 50 Retailers' Revenue Sees Fastest Growth in 10 Months
Total revenue of China's 50 largest retailers rose 15.8% in April from a year earlier, the fastest pace since July 2012, according to Cncic.org, a website about China's commerce information. Gold and jewelry sales at the top 50 retailers, which were up 105.1% year on year, contributed 68.8% to overall growth. In April, food sales at the top 50 retailers was up 9% year on year; apparel sales were down 0.3%; home appliance sales were up 13.1%; cosmetics sales were up 11.2%.

Music Downloads Revenue Surges 379%
Revenue from music downloads in China to shot up 379% to ¥1.82 billion in 2012, the Ministry of Culture said in a report on China's online music market. There were 575 registered firms in China's online music market as of the end of last year, up 27.2% from 2011; free music continued to form the majority of downloads, according to the report. The number of online music users rose 13% to 436 million as of the end of last year, or 77.3% of all netizens.

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