Official sources report that the government is likely to open up the general aviation sector by announcing a new set of regulations.  Will this give privately owned jets, business flights, and general aviation room to grow?Officials at the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) will begin to implement new general aviation and flight control regulations, among which the most significant will be transfer general aviation licensing approvals, validations and market monitoring from the CAAC to local civil aviation bureaus.  This suggests that the CAAC has already taken the first step towards opening up the general aviation sector.  The CAAC also plans to tackle the main constraints on general aviation, and lift the restraints on low altitude airspace."The inability of current policy and regulations to accommodate the development of the aviation sector is the main reason why China suffers from slow development in general aviation," said Chief of the Transportation Department at the CAAC's East China Administration, Li Jingao.  In the past, general aviation firms had to go through a complex application process at the CAAC to obtain licenses; the

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