Asset reorganization, the launch of index-based futures, Yuan appreciation, and interest rate hikes are continuing to be the arbiters of the stock market's course.Asset ReorganizationAccording to CITIC Securities Analyst Xu Gang, the stock market is currently driven more by extending business growth and asset injection than generic growth.  This has led to short-term fluctuations during individual stocks' transitory period.  However, such industrial restructuring and the consolidation of state-owned enterprises offer many opportunities.Many financial analysts agree with this assessment.  Compared with corporate generic growth, such asset re-evaluation, asset injections, and consolidation bring more direct and concrete growth in profitability for the listed companies involved.  This also allows investors to reorganize and better understand their values.  At the same time, such asset injections and stakes reorganization is closely connected with the overall operation of the stock market.  They represent levels of market and stock reforms beyond mere investment themes.CITIC Securities macro economy researcher Cheng Weiqing adds that asset injection will occur more often among core industrial sectors and focused industries with a high concentration of state-owned enterprises.  Six industries in particular--petrochemicals, nonferrous metals, electricity, iron and steel, automotive, and equipment machinery--will see vibrant action in this regard.Index-based FuturesChina Financial Futures Exchange (CFFE) General Manager

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