The following summarizes the Chinese International Travel Monitor report released by, which surveyed 3,000 Chinese tourists traveling overseas and 1,500 hotels outside of China in Q2 2013.

  • 75% of the hotels said Chinese tourists accounted for 5% of their revenue
  • 45% of the hotels said they received more Chinese tourists in 2012
  • 10% of the hotels said their revenue from Chinese tourists would grow over 50% in the next 3 years, and 47% expected an 11-50% growth rate
  • 96% of the Chinese tourists said they traveled overseas for leisure purposes, and 52% said they once traveled overseas on business trips or for studying
  • 62% of the Chinese tourists said they preferred self-service tours over tour groups
  • The hotels said 70% of their Chinese customers were not in a tour group in Q2 2013, up from 50% in 2012
  • Chinese tourists overtook Germany and the US as the world's biggest tourist spenders as they spent $102 billion in 2012, up 40% from 2011
  • 75% of Chinese tourists said overseas hotels offered more services in Chinese, and 42% expected more Chinese-speaking hotel workers
  • 56% of the hotels said they had spent less than $10,000 tailoring products for Chinese tourists over the past year
  • 25% of the hotels conducted training on Chinese culture, and 11% offered reading materials in Chinese
  • 30% of the Chinese tourists said family and friend recommendation was the deciding element in their decision making, followed by the information from online travel websites
  • 27% of the Chinese tourists used social networking websites to pick a destination; the percentage was 33% among the age group under 35

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