Guangdong is located in mainland China's southeast corner. It has the largest population for any province in China with a population equivalent to the size of Mexico. Guangdong is not only China's largest exporter of goods but also the largest importer as well. Its annual Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in China. Its large private manufacturing base is one of the main engines which have made Guangdong's GDP so dynamic helping the economy become China's least dependent on fixed asset investment which accounted for only 33.8% in 2012 in comparison to a nationwide average of over 70%. Guangdong's GDP grew 8.2% to RMB5.71 trillion in 2012.

Guangdong has also led the way in moving up the manufacturing value chain from light industry production of textiles, toys and shoes to high end manufacturing of things like IT products and power equipment. Even as strong as Guangdong's manufacturing economy is Guangdong's local government expects the service industry to account for over 50% of GDP by 2015 and high tech manufacturing another 20%. It should be noted that there is an over concentration of wealth in the Pearl River delta cities of Guangzhou, Huizhou, Jiangmen, and Shenzhen and there are large swaths of rural Guangdong which remain relatively poor in comparison.

Guangdong is also home to the Shenzhen stock exchange as well as the recently launched Chinext board which is focused on high tech and growth companies. Companies like Suning, Wuliangye and Vanke are all listed in Shenzhen. Along with these exchanges companies like Ping An Insurance, China's 3rd largest insurer and China Merchants Bank are also headquartered in Guangdong and further add to Guangdong's growing presence as a financial hub.

Guangdong Quick Facts
  • Area
    177,900 km2
  • Population:
  • Population density:
    536 people/km2
  • Gross domestic product:
    4601.3 billion RMB
  • GDP per capita:
    44736 RMB
  • GDP growth:
  • Fixed Asset Investment:
    1,611.3 billion RMB
  • Utilized Foreign Direct Investment:
    20.3 billion US$
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Top 5 Guangdong Companies
    • Ping an Insurance Group Co of China (SHA: 601318, HKG: 2318) is the nation's top privately owned insurer. It posted RMB189.44 billion in revenues and RMB17.31 billion in net profits for 2010.
    • China Merchants Bank Co (SHA: 600036) is a Shenzhen-based commercial lender that operates across the nation. It posted RMB71.38 billion in revenues and RMB25.77 billion in net profits for 2010.
    • China Vanke Co (SHE: 000002) is the nation's largest property developer. It posted RMB50.71 billion in revenues and RMB7.28 billion in net profits for 2010.
    • China Merchants Securities Co (SHA: 600999) offers services in trading of stocks, funds, bonds, asset management, investment banking and securities investment. It posted RMB6.49 billion in revenues and RMB3.23 billion in net profits for 2010.
    • ZTE Corporation (SHE: 000063, HKG: 0763) is a leading telecommunications equipment manufacturer. It posted RMB70.26 billion in revenues and RMB3.25 billion in net profits for 2010.

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Guangdong Economic and Technological Development Zones

    Foshan National New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone
    Guangzhou Development District
    Guangzhou Export Processing Zone
    Guangzhou Free Trade Zone
    Guangzhou Nansha Economic and Technical Development Zone
    Guangzhou Nanhu Lake Tourist Holiday Resort
    Guangzhou New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone
    Huizhou Dayawan Economic and Technological Development Zone
    Huizhou Export Processing Zone
    Huizhou Zhongkai Hi-Tech Development Zone
    Shantou Free Trade Zone
    Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone
    Shenzhen Export Processing Zone
    Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone
    Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park
    Yantian Port Free Trade Zone
    Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone
    Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone
    Zhuhai Free Trade Zone
    Zhongshan Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone

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