Guizhou, one of China's poorest provinces, relies heavily on agriculture and tourism to prop its economy. Guizhou is China's third largest grower of tobacco and home to Guizhou Tobacco, a well-known consumer brand. A magnet of investments, the province's significant coal reserves and power generation industry allow the export a large amount of produced energy to Guangdong and other provinces.

Poor infrastructure has limited the development of a manufacturing industry and hinders the tourism industry. As the province attempts to alleviate these shortcomings, a high speed rail line from Guiyang to Guangzhou and other projects meant to expand the province's transportation links with neighboring provinces are in the works, with hopes to spur economic growth.

Guizhou's GDP grew 13.6% to RMB680.2 billion in 2012.


Guizhou Quick Facts
  • Area
    176,100 km2
  • Population:
  • Population density:
    222 people/km2
  • Gross domestic product:
    460.2 billion RMB
  • GDP per capita:
    13119 RMB
  • GDP growth:
  • Fixed Asset Investment:
    318.6 billion RMB
  • Utilized Foreign Direct Investment:
    0.30 billion US$
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Top 5 Guizhou Companies
    • Guizhou Maotai Co (SHA: 600519) is the distiller of China's most famous white liquor. It posted RMB11.63 billion in revenues and RMB5.05 billion in net profits for 2010.
    • Guizhou Panjiang Refined Coal Co (SHA: 600395) is a coal miner, processor and distributor. It posted RMB5.47 billion in revenues and RMB1.35 billion in net profits for 2010.
    • AVIC Heavy Machinery Co (SHA: 600765) is engaged in cast and forge, hydraulic and new energy business. It posted RMB4.19 billion in revenues and RMB230.19 million in net profits for 2010.
    • Zhongtian Urban Development Group Co (SHE: 000540) is engaged in real estate, mineral resources exploration, tourism, convention and exhibition businesses. It posted RMB3.33 billion in revenues and RMB554.77 million in net profits for 2010.
    • Guizhou Chitianhua Co (SHA: 600227) is a urea manufacturer and distributor. It posted RMB1.33 billion in revenues and RMB125.3 million in net profits for 2010.

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Guizhou Economic and Technological Development Zones

    Guiyang Economic & Technological Development Area
    Guiyang National New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

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