Since the late 1970s, Jiangsu province has been an economic hotspot and one of the wealthiest areas in China. Pillar industries include machinery, electronics, chemicals, and automobile. The agricultural sector is based on crops of rice, wheat, peanuts, and cotton. Although the province has some petro-carbon deposits, more significant deposits include rock salt, sulfur, phosphorus, and marble. The development and wealth of cities like Nanjing, Suzhou, Xuzhou, and Wuxi have defined the province’s success story; however, the province must now address a large wealth gap that divides the province into a poorer north and a richer south.

Looking to surge ahead on its path of growth, the province plans to triple R&D expenditure and double railway coverage by 2015. Additionally, the province will devote more focus to high tech, emerging industries and service industries. The province hopes to have a prosperous solar industry by 2012, with an estimated value of RMB100 billion.

Jiangsu's GDP grew 10.1% to RMB5.4 trillion in 2012.


Jiangsu Quick Facts
  • Area
    102,600 km2
  • Population:
  • Population density:
  • Gross domestic product:
    4142.5 billion RMB
  • GDP per capita:
    52840 RMB
  • GDP growth:
  • Fixed Asset Investment:
    2,318.4 billion RMB
  • Utilized Foreign Direct Investment:
    28.5 billion US$
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Top 5 Jiangsu Companies
    • Suning Appliance Co (SHE: 002024) is China's largest electronics and household appliances retailer. It posted RMB75.5 billion in revenues and RMB4.01 billion in net profits for 2010.
    • Huatai Securities Co (SHA: 601688) is engaged in investment banking, brokerage and asset management. It posted RMB8.9 billion in revenues and RMB3.43 billion in net profits for 2010.
    • Jiangsu Yanghe Brewery JSC Ltd (SHE: 002304) is liquor producer. It posted RMB7.62 billion in revenues and RMB2.2 billion in net profits for 2010.
    • Jiangsu Expressway Co (SHA: 600377) is engaged in investment, construction, operation and management of the Jiangsu section of the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and other toll roads within Jiangsu. It posted RMB6.76 billion in revenues and RMB2.48 billion in net profits for 2010.
    • Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Co (SHA: 600871) is a manufacturer and distributor of polyester chips and polyester fibers. It posted RMB16.35 billion in revenues and RMB1.23 billion in net profits for 2010.

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Jiangsu Economic and Technological Development Zones

    Changzhou National Hi-Tech District
    Kunshan Economic & Technical Development Zone
    Kunshan Export Processing Zone
    Nanjing Baixia Hi-Tech Industrial Zone
    Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone
    Nanjing Export Processing Zone
    Nanjing New & Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone
    Nantong Economic & Technological Development Area
    Nantong Export Processing Zone
    Lianyungang Economic & Technological Development Zone
    Lianyungang Export Processing Zone
    Suzhou Industry Park
    Suzhou Industrial Park Export Processing Zone
    Suzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone
    Wuxi New District
    Wuxi Export Processing Zone
    Yixing Economic Development Zone
    Zhenjiang Export Processing Zone
    Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone
    Zhangjiagang Bonded Logistics Park

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