The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has only recently become one of the most important energy producers in China. The region's GDP almost doubled from 2004 to 2009, and grew 12% to RMB753.03 billion in 2012. Xinjiang also claims a thriving agriculture sector, particularly famed for its fruits and produce including grapes, melons, and walnuts.

While the discovery of natural resources has certainly been a boost for the province, these resources remain scattered about an uninhabited and undeveloped landscape. Development in areas of production and transportation will be necessary to harness the region's economic growth.


Xinjiang Quick Facts
  • Area
    1,660,000 km2
  • Population:
  • Population density:
    12 people/km2
  • Gross domestic product:
    543.7 billion RMB
  • GDP per capita:
    25057 RMB
  • GDP growth:
  • Fixed Asset Investment:
    354 billion RMB
  • Utilized Foreign Direct Investment:
    0.24 billion US$
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Top 5 Xinjiang Companies
    • Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co (SHE: 002202, HKG: 2208) is a wind turbine generator manufacturer and distributor. It posted RMB17.6 billion in revenues and RMB2.29 billion in net profits for 2010.
    • Xinjiang Guanghui Industry Co (SHA: 600256) is engaged in property development, distribution of liquefied natural gas, commodities wholesaling and retailing, and mining. It posted RMB3.79 billion in revenues and RMB688.38 million in net profits for 2010.
    • TBEA Co (SHA: 600089) is a power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturer and distributor. It posted RMB17.77 billion in revenues and RMB1.61 billion in net profits for 2010.
    • Hong Yuan Securities Co (SHE: 000562) offers services in brokerage, investment banking, securities investment and asset management. It posted RMB3.3 billion in revenues and RMB1.31 billion in net profits for 2010.
    • Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co (SHE: 002092) is a chemical raw materials manufacturer and distributor. It posted RMB4.08 billion in revenues and RMB291.27 million in net profits for 2010.

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Xinjiang Economic and Technological Development Zones

    Bole Border Economic Cooperation Area
    Shihezi Border Economic Cooperation Area
    Tacheng Border Economic Cooperation Area
    Urumqi Economic & Technological Development Zone
    Urumqi Export Processing Zone
    Urumqi New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone
    Yining Border Economic Cooperation Area

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